Civic Commission of Africa:CCfA



  CCfA was initially created in April 2007 by African and Japanese NGOs to work together and influence the organization, agenda and management of the process of TICAD IV and the G8 Summit scheduled for Japan in 2008.


  After TICAD IV, CCfA members participated and delivered speeches of policy proposals in the TICAD IV Follow-Up Ministerial Meetings taken place in several places in African countries for 2009-12.


  The steering committee was confirmed through strategy meetings and workshops in 2010, which consists of regional representatives from Morocco, Botswana, Uganda, Sierra Leon and Benin.


About TICAD Follow-up Proccess; here (Africa Japan Forum)



           Steering Committee


PresidentGustave Assah(Benin)

Social Watch Benin  (Country Coordinater)

Representative of Francophone West and Central Africa




2007-08   TICAD IV & G8 Summit

2009-12 TICAD Follow-up Meetings



Vice President: Maungo Mooki (Botswana) 

Representative of Southern Africa

: Development Diversity Services (Consultant) 

: the former president of Botswana NGO Forum   




2009-2011 TICAD IV Follow-up meetings 



Secretary General: El-Mostafa Rezrazi  (Morocco)

:President of Afro-Asia Research center

: Representative of Northern Africa 



2012 TICAD Symposium, TICAD IV Follow-up Meeting

2013  TICAD V Preparatory Ministerial Meeting 


Festus Kahiigwa(Uganda)

:Uganda National NGO Forum

: East African representative 



2007 CCfA Establishment


2009 Followup-Process Round Table Participation

2012 TICAD V Preparatory Senior Officials' Meeting

2013  TICAD V Preparatory Ministerial Meeting 



Falla Ensa-N'dayma (Sierra Leon)

:President of Central Confederation of Trade Unions 

: Representative of Anglophone West Africa 


2007 CCfA Establishment

2010-2012 Followup-Meetings

2013  TICAD V Preparatory Ministerial Meeting 




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