Civil Society Statements

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June 3  

▼Civil Society Final Statement in Joint Press Conference



June 2 

▼Speech in Plenary 5 "Resilient and Inclusive Society"


Gustave Speech Eng 130602.pdf
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Gustave Speech Fre 130602.pdf
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▼ Civil Society Statement on UN High Level Panel Report on Post 2015 and Recommendations for TICAD V

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June 2

▼Yokohama Declaration on Disabilities

Yokohama_ Declaration_on_Disabilities_20
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May 31 

"The Open Letter to Call for Halting Prosavana Project" 



Carta Aberta para Deter de Forma Urgente
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May 20 TICAD V Advocacy Paper on Arts 2013

TICAD_V_ Arts_Proposal_en.pdf
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■Dissemination of Press-Releases in TICAD V ■

Date: June 1-3


> NGO Gathering Space (Conference Centre 1F Foyer)

> Information Desk in Conference Centre 2F

> International Media Centre (Exhibition Hall A)

> Annex Hall 


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- (Youth) "TICAD V: A student from Ashinaga D: " (Mainichi=Yuiko Machida)

- (Food) "アフリカと日本のNGO、モザンビークが推進する農業開発は「土地収奪だ」" (Development Media ganas=Daiji Nagamitsu)

- (Food) "Mutual Benefits - Gap" (Tokyo=Hiroshi Gomi)

- "Japan urged to play more visible role on continent(Japan Times=Eric johnston)



- (Food) "Concern mounts over agriculture development plan in Mozambique(Kyodo News International)

- (Food) "At TICAD, clumsy diplomacy mars controversial Japanese aid project in Mozambique" (The Japan Today)

-  Le Soleil:p10-11 (Fre)





- (Health) Kyodo News " Mozambique Farmers Seek Halt to Aid Progect" (Kyodo=)

- (HIV/AIDS) Jiji News "The HIV Infection, Protect Women Firstly = Ms. Morolake from Nigeria" (Jiji)

- "TICAD’s to-do list extensive, 20 years on" (Japan Times: Jun Hongo)



- "TICAD: Grassroots Perspective" (NHK World: Mitsuko Nishikawa) 

- (HIV/AIDS) "The problem of HIV/AIDS has not finished = female activists came to Yokohama from Africa" (Jiji: Keisuke Matsuo)


-(Economic Inequality) "OPINION: The Flight against Poverty and Inequality -- We are All in This Together" (Kyodo)

-(Health) "I'm concerning about expanding the gap in Africa by Ms. Yumiko Horie" (Mainichi)

2013.05.16 (Tex Haven) NHK Ohayo Nippon 


2013.05.05 (Post 2015) UN Forum

    "The Development toward Post 2015"


2013.03.03 (Food Security) Tokyo Newspaper


2013.02 (CS Participation) Development Media ganas

    "Think about Africa throught TICAD V"

2012.02 (CS Participation) AJF

    "Think about how to suppoet Africa during the period of post the big earthquake"