Proposal Papers

★Statements in Preparatory MTG: here.

★Statements in TICAD V: here.


▼ The 5 key recommendations for Post 2015 (as of 5 May, 2013) NEW!

The 5 key recommendations for Post 2015
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▼Petition for Civil Society Participation in TICAD V and the Follow-Up Mechanism (as of April 22, 2013) NEW!

Petition for CS Participation in TICAD V
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▼Recommendation Points List (as of February 2013)

Japanese CSO Policy Recommendation List.
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▼Key Reccomendation (as of February 2013)

Key Recommendation from Japanese Civil S
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▼3 Pillars of Partnership in TICAD  (as of February 2013)

3 pillars of partnership in TICAD.pdf
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Other Sectors' Proposals

( ) = Submission/Publication Data


【Private Sector】

Japan Business Federation

"Contributing to Sustainable Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa:The Business Community's Africa Strategy towards TICAD V"



Japan Association of Corporate Executives

: (Japanese) TICAD Vを契機に、アフリカの成長に向けた戦略的コミットメントを~実りある 日・アフリカ関係の構築に向けて~ (2013.02.15)


TICAD V Public-Private Partnership Forum

: (Japanese) "躍動のアフリカと切り開く日本経済の新たな地平"




TICAD V Student Project 

"Africa-Japan Development Agenda 2013" (2013.03.28)



AFRECO & Africa Society of Japan& Waseda Institute of International Strategy

(Japanese) TICAD V Policy Proposal (2013.03.28)