History of Japanese Civil Society for TICAD







Committee for NGO Forum Africa Now

ENDA (West Africa), PELUM (Southern Africa) etc.



ACT (Action Civile pour TICAD)

Same as above



ACT 2003

ENDA, TAC (S.A.), etc.



TICAD IV NGO Network (TNnet)

Several NGOs including CCfA



TICAD V NGO Contact Group

Civic Commission of Africa


~Japanese CS Participation in TICAD~


TICAD I(1993) 

TICAD has been recognised a "diplomatic conference," not for civil society to participate in. Considering this situation, Japanese civil society held "Africa Symposium," with guests from NGOs in African countries so as to make their voice reflected on policies. Right before TICAD I, civil societies from Africa, Europe and Japan were allowed to attend as observers, submitting their policy recommendation which they discussed in the symposium. This triggered the establishement of NPO Africa Japan Forum.

TICAD II (1998)

After TICAD I, "ACT (Action Civile pour TICAD II/ Action Civil for TICAD II)" was established in 1998 with the office being Africa Association.

TICAD III (2003)

The ACT members and some others established "ACT2003 (Action Civile pour TICAD III)", which aimed at making African people's voice reflected on public policies by attending the preparatory conferences and having meetings with Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA). Actually they handed in their policy recommendation, and held symposiums and seminars with guests from inside and outside Japan.

TICAD IV(2008)

After ACT2003, NGO "TICAD Civil Society Forum (TCSF)" was created in 2004. In 2007, tens of Africa-related NGOs gathered to establish "TICAD IV NGO Network (TNnet)" to advocate toward TICAD IV.





TICAD V(2013)TICAD IV Follow-Up Ministerial Meetings (2009-2012)


TICAD IV Follow-up Ministerial Meetings were held annualy in African countries so as to review the "Yokohama Action Plan," that was approved in TICAD IV. In the meetings, where both African and Japanese CS attended, has the organisational institution of Civic Committee for Africa (currently "~ of Africa") been firmed.


2009 Gaborone

2010 Arusha

2011 Dakar

2012 Marakecch


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